Map vnitrni warzone

The war among bounty hunters is played out not only in abandoned stations and other such places where no humans (or other life forms for that matter) voluntarily set foot. Not long ago, these fierce shootouts carried over into the city of Menoro, on the planet, Draess, which was forced into evacuation by extreme unrest. Today all that remains of this once beautiful metropolis are ruins and the persistent clamoring of futuristic weapons.

And yet it all started so innocently… A band of troublesome robbers started to prey upon the local inhabitants and in doing so, got into an extended tangle with local law enforcement. As soon as news of the unrest spread through the galaxy, bounty hunters came to help, unfortunately they were soon followed by amateur competitors and other associates with all parties eventually clashing into competition with one another. From the outset, the behavior of the less professional bounty hunters was arrogant and rude, which severley agitated the professional bounty hunters, who maintain a code of honor and respect. In time, it became clear that this conflict would have no end, forcing the city into evacuation and the withdrawal of the police force. The bounty hunters remained in the city and the war among them rages on to this day.

Warzone together with Invasion, rank among the most wide-open maps within the game. You will not find many narrow corridors here that can be used to sneak up on your enemy from behind (1). For soldiers who prefer a sniper rifle over an assault rifle, there is an ideal building located in the center of the battlefield, which provides a prime vantage point across a large portion of the map (2). However, be extremely careful here, the structure is open on both sides and you won’t want to get caught with your ass hanging out in the wind. The biggest battles take place in contest over the small square situated in the middle of the map (3), which can be accessed either by passing through the building or by crossing over the unfinished barricades. But again, be very careful, you never know who is lurking around the corner. It is here that your carelessness will result in your demise.

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