The Shinobi Train Station is a trainyard located on the planet, Yasuka. It serves as a hub for all imports from the surrounding systems and their subsequent distribution throughout Yasuka. Control of this sector has tremendous economic and military significance because it can mean not only the opportunity to replenish your supplies, but more importantly, cutting off the flow of supplies to your enemy. He who holds this area must reconcile himself with the fact that as easy as the station may have been acquired, it’s just as easy to lose it…

The trainyard was originally constructed as part of fraudulent scheme to divert funds from the Interplanetary Fund for the Development of Regional Transport, but nonetheless the project resulted in the creation of an important transport hub. Over the course of various battles, ownership of the yard has shifted many times, although its strategic importance remains unchanged.

The trainyard is comprised by a center flag located in the lower floor (1), where the majority of battles are fought. The open space of the upper section provides an ideal position from where you can snipe your enemy. In contrast to the lower floor, here you will find lots of columns and hiding places. The remaining zones are equally distant from the center and therefore, they cannot be gradually occupied as on other maps. Because the map contains open spaces (2) as well as narrow ones (3), the ideal choice is to employ a combination of contact and sniper weapons. Seeing as the paths to corner zones are fairly straightforward, it’s not out of the question to spice them up with a few mines placed here and there.