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"Jean Luc De Mayer joined the Sheard Legion at the age of 16, using falsified identification documents. He is the only who survived the horrible massacre at The Crab Nebula, where his unit was deployed for a suicide mission. On his return, he killed his commanding officer and fled from the Legion. Now under a new identity, he works on his own."

  • Method to Unlock:

Soldier is the starting skin.


"The "workingsa crew" of planet Eve, created and used by Dr. Edgar Simon to mine radioactive material. They were the first successful result of Dr. Simon's military-grade genetic modifications, based on pre-existing life forms(the native inhabitants of Eve). They are entirely immune to radiation."

  • Method to Unlock:Comes with soldier as a free skin.


"One of the first replicant models from Toltech, the Concubine series was designed for the pleasure of the crew. Software modifications and addition of several military skills marked the creation of a new model designed for infiltration and destruction. Insidiously seductive and devastatingly deadly Ex of Tarun – Dancer."

  • Trivia:

Unlockable through Premium Membership only, free on a premium account.


"Zach Remedy is a roughneck from the big city. He grew up in the ghettos of Bedlam, joining a local street gang called 'Break Bones' at the age of 14. Zach lost both his arms while holding back some escape doors to save his buddies. He has since undergone surgery to receive a set of cyborg arm implants. Now, Zach works as a contract killer for anyone willing to pay his price."

  • Trivia:

Unlockable through Premium Membership only, free on a premium account.

Cost: Gold2


"Widow is an elite assassin – nimble, precise and deadly. We do not know exactly where her nickname comes from. There's no man far and wide in galaxy who could tame her into marriage. Her only passion is found in the glowing incandescence of her heavy machine gun barrel."

Cost: Gold2


"Reinforced Advanced Tactical Scientist. This special division of Toltech Corporation is used wherever there is a need for both combat and scientific support. Highly trained in bio-research and squad-based tactics."

Cost: Gold2



"Sentient Android Registered Assistant. The first model containing Althar Inc.'s fifth-generation "Genesis Chip". She was decommissioned from Federation status in 2335 and entered the private sector. John Slade purchased her services soon thereafter."

Cost: Gold2

injuries sustained in the attack on planet Nodd. It is believed John became a Shadowgun circa 2340, and his reputation quickly spread. His extensive compact experience, technical prowess, and high intelligence have made John one of the galaxys most prized Shadowguns."

Cost: Gold2

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]] "Sherrif Moregun, la sherrif más antigua de servicio en toda la galaxia. Así que não Adquirir este es un desperdicio si el dinero y el oro ".

Custo: Gold 2