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Welcome to the Shadowgun: Deadzone Wiki! This wiki is dedicated to providing you with all the information about 'Shadowgun: Deadzone' that you would ever need. Feel free to edit pages and add on information. If you don't already have a wiki profile, create one now- it's quick, easy and will help you keep track of your progress as a contributor. Even if you don't, we still value your anonymous edits. Also be sure to add your online name to the wiki-users list(Navigation Bar->The Deadzone->Wiki Users). If you're here just to find out something, we hope that you do benefit from the available information. If you are here to help, see the To-Do list below. If you wish, check out our sister wiki, Shadowgun Encyclopedia; it needs help as well.

To-Do List

The Wiki is still pretty young and, as you would notice, there is a lot of content that needs to be added and updated. Here are some things we need to have done ASAP:

  • Upload info about all guns in the simple format seen on Bandit(Weapons->SMG->Bandit). This format is perma-temporary- uploading the information is more important than a sleek format for now.
  • Upload info about everything under 'research'
  • Upload info about everything under 'shop'
  • Update maps

That is all for now, if you want to contribute. Stay tuned for updates to the to-do list.

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