Sh*tstorm   Sh*tstorm II   Redeemer    
Rank to Unlock:


Weapon Class:

Rocket Launcher


Money icon 15000



Fire rate:





1 (Standard)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Even the devil would say that this weapon is just not Fair... Sh*tstorm is excessive in all areas. An anti-personell missile should have 50lbs of TVD? Sh*tstorm has 340lbs. A missile should have Fragmentary or incendiary charge? Why not both at once? Sh*tstorm offers certainty... the certainty of death..."


The Sh*tstorm is the first rocket launcher in the game. The Sh*tstorm is one of the most powerful weapons at the time it is unlocked, but when more weapons are unlocked, players start to feel that it is less powerful. Despite it's high damage, it has quite low clip so it gets hungry very fast. It is a very good starter weapon, but you have to prepared to fork out the $15,000 for it. Some players might think that it is still not that good when battling with stronger players so it is wise to upgrade the damage (from 100 to 115) just for a small amount of price. However, players who have bought the Health 1 perk will still be able to generally survive


  • It formerly had 3 upgrades. The latest one added was the ammo capacity upgrade, which costs 200 gold.
  • Its damage had been nerfed two times because of unfairness. People were killing others with the Sh*tstorm before the nerfing.
  • Many new players use the Sh*tstorm. This has lead to more professional players looking down on them, because mostly they do not know how to use the Sh*tstorm right at all.
  • It is one of two weapons that has a curse word in it, that being sh*t.

    Shadowgun: Deadzone in it's Public Beta stage.

  • Madfinger Games themselves have not actually explicitly admitted that Sh*t stand for 'Shit', although it is generally accepted by players as fact. One player jokingly said that Sh*t merely stands for 'Shot'. However, in the Public Beta Version the game, the name of the weapon was uncensored, saying Shitstorm instead of Sh*tstorm in the final 1.0 game.