fully upgraded REDEEMER

Sh*tstorm   Sh*tstorm II   Redeemer    

Rank to Unlock:


Weapon Class:

Rocket Launcher


Money icon 220000



Fire rate:





1 (Standard)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Bow down, sinners! A new product from the labs of Wee-Ponn Industries... Whatever the souls of your enemies may be: pure, Fallen or stray, Redeemer provides salvation to all without exception!"


The Redeemer is the final rocket launcher to be unlocked in the game. It is also one of the highest damage dealing units in the game.

The Redeemer, like its predecessors, has a devastating area effect damage making it ideal for close range one on one combat. However, it also has the slowest reloading time of all the weapons, coupled with the fact that its' maximum clip size is limited to one, this gives the enemy a time range where the player is vulnerable. If the enemy too has a Redeemer, another rocket launcher or a shotgun, the reloading time will be enough to take the player out. Another viable alternative is the melee kill.

A player well experienced with this weapon is capable for securing very high kii-death ratios in both the game modes. Pairing the Redeemer with boosters is also a particularly devastating combination.

Enthusiasts should however be well aware of the workings of the Redeemer in order to maximise its potential as one of , if not the most dangerous weapon in the game.

Techniques to counter the Redeemer include equipping Flak Jackets or Health perks. The FJ2 reduces explosion damage by 40% whereas the Health 2 increases heatlh by 40%. However, due to the general unpopularity of these 2 perks in favour of Run and Sprint, another technique would be to always keep moving, never stay rooted to the same spot while firing. Using Sprint, the melee kill is also an effective counter.


  • The Redeemer is currently the most expensive weapon in the game.
  • It is also the last weapon to be unlocked as of the latest 2.0.2 update.
  • Only the Annihilator and the shotguns deal more damage than the Redeemer.
  • Due to excessive usage of this weapon as well as rocket launchers in general and taking into account the supposed inferior skill requirements in operating these weapons, rocket launchers have been termed as 'noobtubes' and their users are frequently derided by other players mostly due to their own inabilities in countering a Redeemer.