Map vnitrni palace



Ancient tales speak of a labyrinth full of deadly traps located below the royal tombs of this ancient civilization, hiding a treasure of immeasurable wealth. Archeologists estimate that these tunnels are 4000 years old, yet no one has ever uncovered the riches said to be concealed in their depths. Thousands of adventurers have laid down their lives in attempts to uncover the fabled treasure without ever knowing whether the legend is true or not.

One adventurer, lucky enough to walk away with his life, learned that a map of the labyrinth, which could lead its future owner to the coveted prize, is hidden somewhere within the walls of the tombs. This discovery quickly spread around the galaxy attracting hordes of treasure-hunters to come and try their luck at finding the map for themselves. The only problem now is that these like-minded adventurers have been joined by rugged groups of soldiers and mercenaries who are ready to kill anyone who stands in their way. As a result, the entrance to the palace has become a battlefield where bullets slowly erode all that remains of this ancient structure.

The map is characterized by narrow corridors and tall columns (1 & 2). One moment of lost concentration or foolhardy courage is enough to guarantee you a spot among the ranks of dead adventurers. There is no time for cowardice as you race down the long forgotten corridors of the Palace. If you want to conquer and capture all enemy flags, you will have to take the battle to your enemies. Find them, kill them and seize control of the Palace or else, die a poor and forgotten death along with all the others who did not succeed. The choice is yours…
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