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Weapon Class:



Money icon 10,000



Fire rate:






In-Game Description

"A shotgun. One of the few weapons you can close your eyes while shooting and then open them to find yourself up to your ankles in ketchup. Mace received the No. 2 spot in online voting for The Baddest Weapon in the Koolian System(it finished just behind the Nuclear Planetary Annihilator)."


The Mace is the first shotgun to be unlocked. 

It is, as shotguns naturally are, extremely powerful. It has a small clip of just four, and a low firerate as well. Its accuracy is low. It is not like an assault rifle- which works for everybody. It is for a certain type of player- one who wants upfront combat and is capable enough to take out an enemy with a single shot.

Philosophy of useEdit

-The mace will deal 20 damage without upgrade and thus you need 5 of the shotgun "pellets" to hit to kill an uninjured opponent, which does not change when you upgrade it, even though the damage goes up. (Although, note that if a shot is registered on the head, it deals 2x damage, and shots to the arms or legs deal .5x damage)

-Compared to the Doomhammer, the Mace will get fewer one-hit kills due to the damage, as the Doomhammer deals enough damage to kill in 4 pellets when upgraded. However, in a relatively small game like Shadowgun , one-shot kills aren't really practical, and most engagements will be face-to-face. Nevertheless, with the Doomhammer, one will often find that they kill in fewer shots and from longer ranges more reliably. While in theory, one can make up a shot to kill disadvantage by having a faster fire rate, in practice it will still be easier to kill with fewer shots, even if it shot slower.

-On the other hand, the Mace shoots faster and if we ignore factors like hit reg problems, we can assume that in 80% of scenarios, you will kill in three or two shots. Here is where the higher firerate is much more rewarding.


Upgrades to the Mace
Upgrade Price
Damage 8000 $
Accuracy 6000 $
Fire rate 200 G
Clip size 6000 $


  • The Mace is based on a Franchi SPAS-12.