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• 12/18/2013

New Wiki

I have decided to make a wiki called "Shadowgun Encyclopedia". Link is right here. I need your thoughts on this one, as I will need help with a couple things.

  • Image Importing - That wiki is lacking images. The only images are the gold and $ signs.
  • Template importion - Definitely. A good wiki needs templates. I've already imported the weapon infobox and money template over.
  • Some Shadowgun info - I don't know the first thing about Shadowgun (the original game with the campaign). I know only about SGDZ. So, I need someone to help me provide this info.
  • Template revamp - I gotta revamp the Delete, Speedydelete and some other templates. They look horrid.
  • Review system - See here. You can get a base idea of what the reviewing system is like.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me on my message wall.

Proposed Staff

Since I am the founder of Shadowgun Encyclopedia, I have proposed that these users be the staff of that wiki:

  • Delonjnaidu - Bureaucrat/Admin
  • RyujinSama - Bureaucrat/Admin
  • Inc1t3Ful - Admin
  • Nyte blayde - Admin
  • Robinmh - Rollback


We need to cover all info of the game. I have categorized the Bandit in to the following categories: Submachine Guns, Automatic Weapons, Tier 1 Weapons.

We shall do the same with other pages like Vega: Assault Rifles, Automatic Weapons, Tier 1 Weapons.

I think you get the idea.

Tier Header

I need others to help import over some of it because it is a bit complicated.

Skins, Hats and Characters

All skins, hats and characters will be on separate pages. They will be categorized under "Premium Items" (due to one needing gold to purchase these items). For example, the R.A.T.S. skin will have its own link, like this: [[R.A.T.S.]]. And the same will go for all other skins, characters and hats. These will have a review on how good their protective value is.

Any queries? Feel free to drop me a message on my message wall.

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• 12/20/2013

Article format is gonna be different from SGDZ Wiki. Its gonna be:

Weapon infobox
Weapon Description
== In-Game Description ==
== Overview ==
== Upgrades ==
== Review ==
== Appearances ==
== Trivia ==
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